The tummy is a part of the body that many people feel insecure about. Given its aesthetic benefits (a flatter and more toned stomach), it is unsurprising that an increasing number of people are opting for tummy tuck surgery in Singapore.

However, did you know that besides reshaping your abdomen and eliminating the appearance of a bulging belly, a tummy tuck surgery can provide various health benefits as well?

But first, let’s get to know our core

The “core” of our body is located in the abdominal area. The stomach’s muscles support the muscles that surround the spine, maintain our abdominal organs — such as the stomach, intestines, liver, and kidneys — in position, and help us breathe. Essentially, the abdominal muscles play many vital roles in the overall health and operation of our body.

In some instances, such as post-pregnancy or following excessive weight loss, the abdominal muscles can become overly stretched and weakened. This will cause the skin to sag, leading to a visible bulge in the abdomen. And this is where abdominoplasty surgery in Singapore will come in handy.

Now that you know a little more about the abdominal muscles, here are 3 surprising medical benefits you can enjoy after a tummy tuck surgery that you probably did not know about!

Benefit #1: Relieves back pain

Women who have just given birth and individuals who have lost a lot of weight frequently experience back pain. One of the common causes of back pain is weak abdominal muscles. When the abdominal muscles are weakened, they are unable to properly support the muscles in the back. This will result in the back muscles being strained, which can cause aches and pain.

These weakened muscles are surgically tightened during a tummy tuck surgery, providing much-needed abdominal support that helps relieve back pain.

Benefit #2: Reduces stress urinary incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a condition where the bladder and urethra are under excessive pressure. Such pressure can result in uncontrollable leakage induced by forceful body movements that engage the abdominals, such as sneezing, coughing, laughing, or exercising. While this is typically a condition that is common amongst women who have just given birth, it can affect anyone with weak abdominal muscles.

According to a publication in the journal “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” in 2018, patients with SUI saw improvements in their symptoms following abdominoplasty surgery.

Benefit #3: May help to correct a ventral hernia

The protrusion brought on by the intestine or abdominal tissue piercing the abdominal wall is referred to as a ventral hernia. Numerous factors, including abdominal weakness brought on by severe weight loss or medical procedures like a caesarean section, might cause this.

A tummy tuck procedure may correct a ventral hernia by re-tensioning weak abdominal muscles and re-establishing the required support for the area. The abdomen or intestinal tissue is compelled back into its native position after being appropriately maintained.

Reshape your core with The Clifford Surgery Clinic

Weakened abdominal muscles can cause not only an unflattering bulging belly, but also some health complications. In these situations, abdominoplasty can be done to surgically remove the excess skin and tighten the loose muscle and connective tissue in the abdomen. This procedure eliminates the appearance of any bulge by flattening and recontouring the abdomen and could bring about various medical benefits as well.

At The Clifford Surgery Clinic, our licensed doctors are equipped with the professional know-how to perform a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, including tummy tuck surgery. Your safety is our top priority, and we go above and beyond to make sure of it. With over 18 years of combined medical experience, our skilled surgeons can provide the greatest treatment both during and after the procedure.

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