In recent years, it is no longer just women who take pride in how they look. Nowadays, men share the same interest when it comes to their appearance. It is no secret that males are opting to go under the knife today – the popularity of male plastic surgery grew due to Kpop and the social media culture of the 21st century.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the demand for plastic surgery procedures in Singapore. There are many reasons for this. For example, with the ability to work from home, one can recovers from cosmetic procedure without taking additional leave. As such, more men are showing interest in aesthetic treatments, whether to make themselves feel good or freshen up their look for work or other purposes.

In this article, we share four of the most popular cosmetic procedures men can look out for to boost their confidence.

1. Infrabrow lift

Our skin loses elasticity and collagen as we age. This is among the factors that make our upper eyelids droop. With gravity, our eyelids will start to droop and eventually become hooded. This is responsible for our tired, older appearance. As a result, an infrabrow lift is ideal for candidates looking to achieve a taut.

An infrabrow lift is a specific procedure used to treat drooping on the outer upper eyelid. It can raise the upper eyelid in individuals who have concealed double eyelids, making the double eyelids more visible. The infrabrow lift works best in conjunction with upper eyelid blepharoplasty to align the eyebrows and give individuals a rejuvenated look.

Procedure and downtime

At The Clifford Surgery Clinic, our doctors will thoroughly review your medical history before the treatment to ensure that there are no pre-existing issues and that you are healthy to undergo the procedure. The procedure will begin with the administration of local anesthesia. General anesthesia is an alternative if you prefer to be completely sedated for the procedure. A marker will be used by our surgeon to precisely identify the locations of the incisions. A precise incision will then be made by the surgeon near the lower line of the brows, at the outer tail. In order to get the optimum lifting effect, the surgeon will excise a certain amount of tissue through this incision. To better frame your face, the surgeon will determine whether or not more sutures are required to reposition your eyebrows. When completed, the two incisions are sutured shut.

The infrabrow lift does not have any significant negative side effects. There is only a slight risk of complications, as with any surgical operation. Asymmetry following surgery or infection close to the incision site are common adverse effects. If such effects materialize, it is imperative that you get in touch with our clinic to schedule a follow-up consultation. Following the procedure, there will be moderate bruising around the eyelids. It will heal on its own within a few weeks. The downtime is typically between 7 to 14 days.

2. Ptosis repair

A ptosis repair is ideal if you are among those with droopy eyelids in Singapore. A ptosis repair is also known as blepharoplasty. It reconstructs the eyelids of individuals seeking either a corrective or aesthetic procedure. Furthermore, it is one of the most common cosmetic procedures among men today. As it is similar to an infrabrow lift, these two procedures often go hand-in-hand to create a refreshed appearance.

Procedure and downtime

The procedure starts when the individual is under general or local anesthesia. The surgeon will then create an incision on the top eyelid. This incision removes excess skin, muscle, fat, and other tissue. Here, certain muscles might be reattached if necessary. Once done, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures. Patients may combine ptosis repair with incisional double eyelid surgery for an enhanced look as the process is similar.

Following ptosis repair, bruising and swelling around the eyes are frequently anticipated for a few days to two weeks. Aside from that, patients can return to normal daily activities shortly after the treatment.

3. Chin implants

In terms of the face’s overall aesthetics, the chin is a significant feature. An excellent foundation for creating balanced proportions for your features is a chin that is nicely shaped and sized. Other than that, a sharp and well-defined jawline is something that individuals desire. Hence, people with smaller chin bones would want to enhance it to get a better facial structure and overall proportions. They can do so with chin implants.

Procedure and downtime 

Depending on the individual’s needs and condition, chin implants may be performed under general or local anesthesia. The surgeon will choose an external or internal incision spot, where the incision will be made either from behind the chin on the lower jaw or in front of the lower gums. Then, the silicone implants are inserted and reshaped to fit the form of your jaw. Lastly, the incisions will be shut with biocompatible absorbable sutures.

Chin implants are thought to be safe and provide a minimal risk of complications. In rare circumstances, it is possible that these complications may arise:

  • Post-surgical asymmetry
  • Nerve damage causing numbness
  • Infection at the site of the incision

The likelihood of these issues developing can be significantly reduced via a skilled surgeon and proper post-care.

4. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that involves the nose. It can be done to treat congenital deformities such as an orofacial cleft, functional issues like a blocked nasal airway that makes breathing difficult, or just for aesthetic reasons.

Procedure and downtime

There are two primary rhinoplasty techniques. All incisions are made within the nostrils during a closed rhinoplasty, and modifications are done through these incisions. This is typically used for simpler treatments since it allows quicker recovery and leaves no visible scars after surgery. In an open rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes an incision at the base of the columella to take the skin of the nose off, revealing the whole bone and cartilage structure beneath. This is usually recommended for more complex situations since it enables the surgeon to conduct more exact and precise adjustments. Depending on the precise area of the nose that has to be sculpted, rhinoplasty can be divided into further subtypes.

Recovery may require a nasal splint for up to two weeks to keep the nose in its proper form and speed up the healing process. But this depends on the conditions of each individual. During this time, minor bruising and swelling are also expected.

Boost your confidence @ The Clifford Surgery Clinic

If you are like most men, the idea of walking into a plastic surgeon’s office can make you start to perspire. But surprisingly, there are frequently many males coming and going from the office for plastic surgery procedures today.

At The Clifford Surgery Clinic, we come equipped with professional doctors and certified surgeons with over 40 years of combined experience. So, if you are looking for a reputable plastic surgeon at Novena or simply would like to know more about blepharoplasty or other procedures mentioned above, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation session with us!