Scarless Eye Bag Removal Surgery In Singapore

Scarless eye bag removal surgery is a surgical method that can remove the fat deposits found underneath the eyelids. An incision is made on the inside of the lower eyelid, so there will not be any visible scarring from the outside. The fat causing the lower eye bags is then surgically removed.

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What are eye bags?

Eye bags – mild puffy swelling under your eyes – are common as you age. The tissue around your eyes and the supporting muscle tend to weaken when you age. Fat from within the eye will also prolapse forwards, contributing to the eye bag. It is essential to assess the different components (the lower eyelid skin, muscle, or prolapsed fat) that contribute to eye bag formation. In addition, other factors that can contribute to an ‘aged’ appearance include the tear trough deformity or resorption of volume around the mid-cheek region. A comprehensive surgical plan is tailored to address the components and deformities contributing to the eye bag.

What are the leading causes for developing eye bags in Singapore?

Eye bags are generally a result of one of these factors:

  • Genetics
  • Aging causes a sag of the fat, muscle, and skin around the orbital area to sag
  • Skin laxity around the eyelids
  • Accumulation of fat and/or water retention around the orbital area
Scarless eye bag removal surgery price

The scarless eye bag removal surgery will be carried out under local or general anaesthesia. Firstly, the surgeon will make an incision within the lower eyelid. The surgeon will remove or reposition fat and tissue via this incision before closing it with a suture. The scarless eye bag removal surgery lasts for about 20 minutes. Effects of the procedure are visible immediately after the swelling and bruising from the surgery have subsided in several days.

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Possible risks and complications

As with all surgical procedures, there are some risks involved. Depending on the success of the scarless eye bag removal surgery, the following complications may arise:

Inflammation or infection may occur to surgical wounds.
Blurry and/or double vision may occur if nerves around the eyes are disturbed.
Excessive tearing or dry eyes may occur post-surgery if the lacrimal apparatus (tear glands and associated structures) is disturbed.

Follow-up surgery may be required to treat any complications that arise.

Before the scarless eye bag removal surgery, the doctor/surgeon will usually request the patient’s medical history or conduct a simple health check. They will also discuss in detail what are the possible complications depending on the patient’s condition. A mutual understanding between doctor and patient regarding the risks involved is vital in maximizing the procedure’s success.

Eye bags and aging skin

Eye bags are undesirable because they give a “tired” look, often associated with old age. Usually, when patients request an eye bag removal procedure, they are looking to get rid of this “tired” look for a more youthful appearance. However, rectifying this is often more complex than removing eye bags, as it is only one of the many tell-tale signs of aging skin.

In addition to eye bags, the appearance of the cheeks, which are directly below the eyes, can also contribute to an aging look. The mid-cheek area is often full and rounded in youths, whereas the same area can look hollow and saggy in older adults. Together with eye bags, the latter forms the typical “tear troughs” under the eyes associated with aging. If eye bags are simply removed without treating the rest, the hollow and saggy look remains, and may even become enhanced, worsening the “tired” look.

Eye bag removal is indeed effective in improving the lethargic look in individuals who only exhibit slight signs of aging in the mid-cheek area of the face and genuinely have excess fat in the eyelid cheeks. However, in other cases, fat may need to be redistributed instead of removed to fill out some of the “hollows” below the eyes. A cheek or facelift is also recommended to reduce sagging and tighten the skin. Skin fillers can also help replace the lost volume in the face. Overall, combining these treatments is much more effective at achieving a refreshed look than just removing eye bags alone.

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Am I a good candidate for eye bag surgery?

You will be assessed during the consultation to ensure that your general health state is suitable for a surgical procedure. Depending on the severity of the eyebags, an appropriate surgical approach and procedure are then determined and tailored for you.

Does the eye bag surgery come with any side effects? Is there any downtime?

Patients will experience minor swelling and bruising that will disappear within a few days after the scarless eye bag removal surgery. As the incision is made from the inside of the lower eyelid, there will be no visible scarring whatsoever.

Other potential risks associated with eye bag surgeries include bleeding, wound infection, asymmetry, and ectropion. Any external incisions to remove excess skin will result in a scar just beneath the eyelashes. This scar will gradually fade with time.

However, it is important to follow prescribed post-operative medication protocols. Expect to return fully to regular activities around 7- 14 days after the procedure.

What sort of results can I expect from scarless eyebag removal surgery?

Results from this eye bag removal surgery are permanent, and you can expect a significant reduction in your eye bags. This procedure may also be combined with fat grafting to ensure a better, more aesthetic-looking result.

What should I take note of before the eye bag removal surgery?

Please inform the doctor/surgeon of any products you are currently using/medication you are currently on. You may be asked to stop using certain products around the eyes or stop certain medication by the doctor/surgeon. This will be further discussed during your consultation session.

What should I take note of after the eye bag removal surgery?

  • You may need to avoid putting make-up and other cosmetic products (eyeliner, eyeshadow) around your eyes for several days as advised by the doctor.
  • The doctor may request that you avoid wearing contact lenses for several days after the procedure, depending on the individual.
  • Avoid putting excessive force on/around the eye area (general rubbing of your eyes, using makeup remover, etc) until the wounds are completely healed to minimize the risks of infections and other complications.

Is eye bag removal surgery painful?

As compared to other surgical procedures such as abdominoplasty in Singapore, eye bag removal surgery is a minimally-invasive and generally pain-free procedure. Aside from a small amount of discomfort for the first day post-treatment, most patients tend to recover quickly (between 7 to 14 days) and are able to see their desired results almost right away.

What is the best procedure for getting rid of eye bags?

Blepharoplasty, otherwise known as a lower eyelid lift is a procedure that repositions the fat beneath the eyes and tightens the muscles and skin to give the area a smooth appearance. Lower eyelid lifts are typically able to permanently eliminate under-eye bags. The Clifford Surgery Clinic is a plastic surgery clinic in Novena that offers scarless eye bag removal surgery – a procedure that may remove the fatty deposits found underneath the eyelids without leaving any visible scars.

Alternatively, you may also consider our Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal With AGNES and Secret RF procedure. AGNES can help to tighten the skin around your eyes without the need for surgery. It improves and enhances the overall appearance of the eyes by reducing droopiness in the upper eyelids and filling in wrinkles.

On the other hand, Secret RF is the latest anti-aging technology that effectively tightens your skin and breaks down undesirable fats to restore your skin to a more young and beautiful state.

Both AGNES and Secret RF are safe to use on the delicate eye area, and you may expect to see results 1 to 2 months after your treatment!

What is the cost of eye bag removal surgery in Singapore?

Scarless eye bag removal surgery in Singapore generally costs between $3500 and $7000. This figure is an estimate, and the exact cost will depend on the severity of your eye bag condition, and the experience of the surgeon, among other factors. Though the cost may seem like an exorbitant sum for some, the results are significant and permanent.