Every year, hundreds of thousands of men and women get tummy tuck surgery — an invasive yet incredibly popular body reshaping cosmetic procedure — to help them achieve their ideal body goals. This procedure is known as the ultimate abdominal makeover, and it encompasses the removal of excess skin, muscle tightening, and other cutting-edge procedures to address numerous aesthetic issues.

If you’ve just gotten a tummy tuck surgery, great news – you’re one step closer to regaining your confidence with a contoured core! However, things don’t just end there. One of the most critical aspects of a tummy tuck procedure is the recovery process. Patients who carefully adhere to the aftercare guidelines provided by their doctors often have the fewest problems with their recovery and are generally the happiest with their tummy tuck outcomes. More often than not, patients will be advised to wear a compression garment post-tummy tuck surgery to aid in their recovery.

But what are compression garments, and what exactly do they do? Keep on reading as we discuss the ins and outs of compression garments and why they’re essential for a successful tummy tuck recovery.

What are compression garments?

A tummy tuck compression garment is a thickly elasticized cloth that fits snugly around your abdomen. Your core will receive consistent, even pressure from the snug fit when it is placed over you. The compression garment often covers the region between the breasts and the hip and pelvic region.

Generally, you can expect to wear these garments 24/7 for approximately 4 to 6 weeks, only removing them for bathing or occasional cleaning.

So, why do I need to wear a compression garment after my abdominoplasty surgery?

Some patients may find it to be somewhat uncomfortable to wear a compression garment since it fits so tightly.

However, if you have been advised by your doctor to wear one after your tummy tuck surgery, it would be best that you follow these instructions. Remember, your doctor only wants the best for you and your recovery from abdominoplasty can be greatly aided by wearing a compression garment! Here are some of the benefits of wearing compression garments:

1. Reduces swelling and bruising

Your body will produce fluids following your tummy tuck surgery, and these fluids might accumulate and become stagnant, resulting in painful swelling.

A compression garment prevents this excessive fluid accumulation by continuously applying pressure to operated tissues. This controls postoperative edema (swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues) and lowers the risk of any other complications that could result from fluid retention.

Similarly, a tummy tuck surgery may incur some trauma to the blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface. This may cause some slight bruising as the blood rushes to the surface of the skin. A compression garment can help to reduce bruising by keeping blood away from the skin’s surface.

2. Better circulation and protection from infections

Blood clots are one of the biggest risks associated with any surgical operation, especially one as invasive as a tummy tuck. Blood clots form due to poor circulation and can be incredibly dangerous – causing heart attacks and strokes in the most severe of cases. Fortunately, compression garments help increase blood circulation and lower the probability of blood clots forming. Additionally, compression clothing serves as an antimicrobial barrier to shield the incised abdomen from infection.

3. Enhances the body contouring results

Compression garments help to sculpt the shape of the abdomen, which contributes to the best possible tummy tuck outcomes.

With the assistance of a compression garment, your body adjusts to its new streamlined shape, and it is less likely that your skin will become slack or wrinkled. This enables tummy tuck outcomes that are smoother, tighter, and more appealing!

What’s more, some patients discover that wearing a compression garment enhances their posture and makes moving around much easier post-abdominoplasty.

Have the best tummy tuck surgery experience from start to finish with The Clifford Surgery Clinic

Though it might seem like a hassle to have a compression garment on all day long, the benefits certainly outweigh the trouble. Wearing no compression garment at all when your doctor has recommended that you do so, might prolong your tummy tuck surgery recovery process, make the healing process more uncomfortable, and result in less-than-ideal outcomes.

Here at The Clifford Surgery Clinic, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our team of seasoned doctors are equipped with the professional know-how and expertise in various cosmetic surgery procedures, including abdominoplasty surgery in Singapore. We take pride in ensuring that you get to achieve your desired results in the safest possible way.

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