Tummy tucks can help to remove excess skin and tighten weakened or loose abdominal muscles. When considering undergoing a tummy tuck, there are many factors to take into account regarding post-abdominoplasty recovery and downtime. Some people may be hesitant about opting for abdominoplasty because of the fear that it may completely change the appearance of their belly buttons. This is normal and common to think about, since the belly button is indeed a part of the stomach.

To learn more about what happens to your belly button post-tummy tuck surgery, keep on reading!

Full tummy tucks and the belly button

Generally, there are two main types of abdominoplasty surgery – full and mini tummy tucks.

As compared to a mini tummy tuck, a full tummy tuck involves making more and deeper incisions on the lower abdomen. Two incisions will be made in the low abdomen – one above the pelvic line and one around the navel. After excess skin is trimmed and the weakened muscles are strengthened, the remaining skin is drawn downwards close to the pubic bone. The belly button briefly vanishes during this process. Once the skin has been repositioned and trimmed, the surgeon will decide where the new “stalk” of the belly button should be positioned, and a third incision is made at the new location of the navel.

Immediately after surgery, the belly button could appear bigger in size and look swollen, but it will generally get smaller as it heals. Ideally, a belly button shape that complements the patient’s new silhouette should be the end result.

Mini tummy tucks and the belly button

If you are eligible for a mini tummy tuck, this may be a better procedure to opt for if you are worried about the appearance of your belly button. With a mini tummy tuck, the belly button does not need to be moved since this procedure is less invasive as compared to a full tummy tuck.

For a mini tummy tuck, patients who have a small amount of loose stomach skin are suitable candidates. A mini tummy tuck may also be beneficial if you have a fat deposit directly beneath your belly button as a result of pregnancy.

How the belly button is impacted post-tummy tuck

Improper technique during a full tummy tuck procedure could result in a belly button that is either too flat, too deep, or in the wrong form. A misplaced or abnormally shaped belly button will make a tummy tuck look unnatural and highlight the fact that the patient underwent surgery. An unbalanced navel can also throw off the symmetry of the abdomen.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a thorough consultation with your chosen plastic surgeon. With the help of a skilled and professional surgeon, you will certainly be satisfied with your belly button’s new appearance! Following a successful tummy tuck surgery procedure, your belly button should appear completely natural.

Moreover, besides choosing a skilled surgeon, following post-surgical instructions provided by your surgeon closely is important to ensure that your belly button heals properly for the best possible results.

Achieve the best possible results with The Clifford Surgery Clinic

To conclude, full tummy tucks will undoubtedly result in some slight changes to your belly button. However, the results will be natural and satisfactory as long as you select a plastic surgeon that is equipped with the necessary skills and professional know-how!

Additionally, it is worth noting that tummy tucks are often performed together with liposuctions for the best results. Combining these two procedures can produce notable results that simultaneously address the problems of excess skin and intractable fat. It also enables you to achieve superior body sculpting outcomes, which can be difficult for some people to achieve if done individually.

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